Hot Hot Pot
Westfield Shopping Centre, Doncaster

Hot Hot Pot is Melbourne’s first new-style Sichuan Malatang located in Westfield Doncaster that has high daily patron traffic, especially local Asians.

We work with Hot Hot Pot on a regular basis for series of promotional posters whenever they release new items. Here is the new promotional poster for this spring & summer.

Bright colour theme was chosen to give a warm, welcoming and vibrant feeling to suit the Hot Hot Pot brand and the fun spring & summer seasons. We added wooden board as base to give a dash of natural, earthy feel.

We sprayed matt gold colour on the white gloss paper as background for the photos; the golden colour matched perfectly with the wooden colour tone to give a holistic finishing.

Behind the Scenes

Services Provided:
Food Styling, Food Photography, Graphic Design, Printing Recommendation


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